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Spain- An Ideal Place to Build Your Home - Raul Del Canto

Spain- An Ideal Place to Build Your Home

Spain is one of the most popular destinations of the world and people flock here for both temporary and permanent residence. Spain offers an ocean of opportunities to its citizens besides providing a gracious lifestyle, sunny weather, high diversity, and affordable cost of living. It is a place to build your home and cherish your family. Your children get exposed to good education, choice of healthy food, plenty of fun filled activities and good social values. Entrepreneurs specifically seek to settle and establish their business base in Spain as it gives them an opportunity to expand their businesses to other European nations.

Business Opportunities

Spain provides you with all the latest amenities and infrastructure to establish a profitable business. Moreover, entrepreneurs can easily retain educated and trained staffs; receive various incentive programs for continuous development of staff and a ready market to sell good quality products. Spain is very well connected with other countries of Europe; hence, entrepreneurs could establish their base in this nation and expand their business to other European countries with ease.


The weather of Spain is sunny and warm. In the summer time the temperature may take a hike, but the continuously flowing cool sea breeze keeps the temperature within bearable limits. The winters are also mild. Hence, people enjoy outdoor cafes and evening strolls and can stay at beach until 8 P.M. in the summer time since the sun usually sets around 10 P.M.

Cost of Living

Spain is amongst the cheapest destinations in Western Europe and therefore, the cost of living is highly affordable. You could own or rent a quality home for very little price. The warm season guarantees that there would be little heating expense. The sophisticated system of public transport ensures that you don’t need to keep a personal vehicle. Residents get the benefit of free medical service.


People of Spain are mostly exuberant and fun loving. The locals are easy to talk to and therefore you would find no difficulty in living among them.


Spain is a beautifully diverse nation. It has four distinct seasons. The weather is mild the whole year round. The geographic features include vast plains, impressive mountains and endless beaches. Spain also witnesses diversity in culture. Spain is basically made up of a number of small kingdoms each with their unique language, cuisines and customs. Hence, Spain offers a lot of diversity to its residence and the visitors.


Spain has a gracious way of living. The Spanish believe in savouring each moment and connecting with families and friends. There are long siestas in the afternoons and extensive strolling of streets in the evenings. The Spanish enjoy their food and their drinks and to spend time in charming outdoor cafes.


Spain is known as a students’ hub with numerous schools and colleges for scholars of all ages. In fact, it is very near to France and Great Britain and so learners could also travel to nearby nations to acquire added education or skills.

Formalities for Getting Long Term Residence Visa

The Spanish government has made the process of acquiring permanent visa easy for foreigners. However, you need to follow a specific procedure. The first step is to get you a non-lucrative residence permit. This permit allows a foreigner to live in Spain without employment for a total of 1 year period and can be renewed before the ending of period for two consecutive years. In fact, you need to renew the permit again and have to live for a total of five year period before you become eligible to apply for Spanish passport.

It is important to provide proof of your presence in the nation for a minimum of six month period along with maintaining the minimum balance in your bank account, for applying for new renewal.

The non-lucrative residence permit allows individuals to immigrate to Spain while showing proof of their subsistence. That is, people would have to show to the government that they could live in Spain without engaging in any type of employment. However, they are free to invest in property, establish their own business and give employment to local people. Hence, the no lucrative permit could only be obtained if you show that you have sufficient means of living to live in Spain. This can be proved by two conditions:

  • Documents showing a fixed monthly income for life received by you. This could be in the form of pension fund but, could not comprise a monthly salary (since salaries lack permanency and therefore could not act as proof of life long sustenance),
  • A medium bank balance demonstrating a minimum balance in the account during the past one year. This bank balance should include your name and account number.


The procedures and conditions in Organic Law 4/2000, dated January 11 (articles 30 bis and 31) and in its regulation Royal Decree 557/2011, of April 20 (articles 45 to 49) is applicable for the no-lucrative visa.

Place of application

You need to request the visa in the Diplomatic Mission or Spanish Consular Office of your country.

Essential Documents

Passport: Passports with one copy (each) are needed for every member of your family who want to relocate to Spain. This passport should be current and must be valid for another year. Remember to have a minimum of two empty pages.

Photographs: 2 current pictures are needed for each visa applicant.

ID of residence: You should show the proof of residence in your home country.

Proof of fiscal resources: You should show documentations of you adequate financial resources (as discussed earlier) as a proof that you would be responsible for your family and your sustenance in Spain for the stipulated period of time. Hence, you must show that you have a minimum of 26.000€ supply of funds on a yearly basis (4x IPREM). Moreover, for each immediate family member you must show a minimum of 7.000€ per member (1 x IPREM).

Proof of relations: To show that people accompanying you are the members of your family, you must submit a certified and translated copy of your family book.

Proof of marriage: You must submit a certified and translated legal marriage agreement document as a proof to your marital status.

Travel insurance: You must submit a travel insurance that covers your entire stipulated stay duration in Spain and Schengen States. This insurance must include your healthcare expenditures and deportation costs connected with any mishap or unexpected sickness. The travel insurance should have 30,000 euros as minimum coverage amount.

Medical certificate: A certified and translated certificate is needed from a qualified doctor to attest the good health of your individual relations (travelling with you) and you.

Criminal record clearance certificate: You need to submit a certified and translated criminal record clearance certificate for each of your family members over the age of 18 and you. This certificate must be obtained from your home nation or from the countries where you had lived for the past five years.


The process for visa application is simple but time consuming. You need to request a personal appointment at the Spanish Embassy of your country in advance. In fact, everything from requesting prior appointment to collecting your passbook should be done on a personal basis.

You must fill in the visa application via a properly completed national visa application form and maintain both a copy and an original.

You could resolve a non-profit residence visa within 90 days duration.

The visa should be collected inside a 30 day period from the concession notification.

You must schedule your stay in Spain during your visa’s validity duration.

Lastly, do not forget to obtain a Foreign Identity Card (TIE) inside 30 day duration of your stay in the nation. The application must be submitted personally by you.

If you have a valid long-duration national visa then you can travel without restrictions to any part of other Schengen States for up to 90 days duration in your six months’ scheduled stay as long as you satisfy the entry conditions of that state.

Note: The given information relates only to small percentage of the whole procedure.  Other major processes including technical budgets and other various nuances apply to each specific case.  For those highly interested in the whole procedure always feel free to call us so we can offer you a personalized consultation or even receive more information by mailing us at  or We could also provide a personal interview in your home country to discuss all your queries and help you get established in this land of cultural treasures, fine food, passionate people, wild landscapes and a rich ancient history.

To get the full information of the documents required to apply for this type of Visa kindly click here.