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Six Great Reasons Why You Need to Invest in Golden Visa - Raul Del Canto

Six Great Reasons Why You Need to Invest in Golden Visa

Golden Visa is a special visa granted for provisional residence to individuals other than EU/EFTA citizens. This visa opens a door of opportunities for you and even paves way for European citizenship


  1. Live and Work Anywhere in Spain

Golden visa empowers you with work and residence rights throughout the nation. Hence, once you receive this visa you can buy property in any part of Spain and decide to work or live there. This visa provides you with freedom of choice. Unlike other visas that require you to stay for a basic term of 183 days, golden visa allows you to visit the nation any one time in the course of your residence period and it would remain valid.

Family Gets Golden Visa

     2. Family Gets Golden Visa

Golden visa allows you to bring all your dependent family with you. This includes spouse, under age children, dependent children (over 18 years of age but, unmarried and unemployed), your parents, and your spouse’s parents.

  1. Freedom from Tax Residency

As stated earlier, the golden visa gives you the option to stay minimal days in Spain. There is no minimum stay requirement to order for a renewal of your visa. This frees you from the necessity of being a tax resident.

     4. Road to   Permanent Residence

Golden visa makes it easy for you to get permanent residence in Spain. In Spain after five years of residence you get another five years directly. But to get this first 5 years you have to renovate, even if you have the golden visa. The important thing here is that for gold visa you have to demonstrate that you have kept the investment. For application of passport you can use your golden visa but you need to demonstrate that you have lived and stayed in Spain for the requisite time. Permanent residency is provided once you complete the five years provincial period of golden visa and in the interim have honored the country’s rules. The permanent residency frees you from the obligation of holding a property. Hence, you can sell off your property after the completion of five year term and continue to enjoy most of the facilities that a native Spanish do.

  1. Unlimited Travel throughout EU Schengen Visa Countries

The best advantage of golden visa is that it allows you unhindered travel to any part of EU Schengen visa countries. Hence, you could explore, study, develop business bases anywhere in Europe just by having a Spanish golden visa.



  1. Prospect of European Citizenship

You can get a Spanish citizenship and become a European citizen just five years after gaining permanent residency. This would allow your family and you to study, work and live in any part of Europe.

Hence, just by obtaining a golden visa you could benefit from a number of advantages.