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A bit of Spanish history - Raul Del Canto

A bit of Spanish history

Spain which is sometimes referred to as the kingdom of Spain is the second largest country in western Europe and also in the European Union. Its neighbours include Portugal which is to its west, France and Andorra which borders it to the northeast, the mediterranean sea which is to the East and South, the Atlantic ocean which is to the West and finally the Bay of Biscay which is to the north. Its strategic location and unique history has made it  very attractive to tourists and foreign investors alike.  In the year 2013 Spain was the third most visited country in the world and its tourists scale continues to grow each and every year.

Other important factors that has made Spain a place where tourist can spend their holidays is the unique cultural and religious festivals which  have a massive enjoyment in Spain.  Spain has also served as the home to outstanding historical features  some including  the Sagrada Familia church which has been under construction for over 130 years and also the incredible  Tower of Hercules which holds the record as being the world oldest existing lighthouse which is still in operational.

Also when it comes to matters economics Spain has been very instrumental in mattress  relating to international affairs since emerging from international isolation during the Franco era. With this understanding it is thus evident that doing business here is always favorable to business owners, also wonderful programs like the Communicad’s cross cultural awareness  has aided potential business owners to operate effectively in Spain. Other benefits related to doing business in Spain are some of the following:


Due to its wonderful climatic conditions and location, Spain serves as a breeding ground for successful business ventures. The climatic conditions include temperate conditions, with some cool summers and cool winters both on inland and along the coast. Spain is also the second most mountainous región after Switzerland. Along the Coast Spain enjoys wonderful ports which encourage the flourishment of exporting and importing ventures. Also  its very attractive Mediterranean climate  encourages visitors and potential customers.




Spain has enjoyed political stability and nourishment for a very long time. Also it has been a staunch  member of both the NATO since 1982 and the European Union from 1986. This has fostered some good international and foreign relationship between Spain and these countries. For any prospective or potential entrepreneur investing in a peaceful country is always vital, with Spain’s political and economical stability business is bound to flourish.


Spain has always enjoyed a strong economy and is regarded as the 9th largets economy in the world and  the fifth largest  in the EU. The country is also known for its high standard of living and quality life. Some flourishing markets in Spain range form the textiles and clothing industries, beverages, metals and chemicals industries  and also the machinery and automobile industry. Also due to good relations in both the NATO and the EU the Spanish economy has  seen some effective growth which can be regarded as above average. Fort he past five years the Spanish economy has experienced one of the strongest growth rate. With Spain’s cutting edge economy, investors and entrepreneurs  are always looking forward to working in this conducive environment.


Spain has and will continue offering many opportunities and benefits to new investors and businesses, some of these include low labour and transport costs. Being a member of the European Union, Spain has continued  enjoying  transit within the EU member countries with unnecessary protocols and formalities.  The generosity towards Spain by the EU is always evident in its structural and cohesion funds. The Spanish government also offers incentives and flexible policies for developing businesses.

The most recent one is aimed at creating a conducive environment for foreign investment .

Doing business in Spain requires extensive knowledge in the country’s business terrain, cultura and national mentality. The international organisations which are interested in doing business in Spain will highly benefit from Communicaid’s Spanish language program and cross cultural awareness training.


Doing Business in Spain is always a lucrative venture for those interersetd due to the above mentioned  favourable factors.